Celebrating 35 Years – Selebrando! (1958 – 1993) — Folkloric Music from Bonaire.


Celebrating 35 Years – Selebrando! (1958 – 1993) -- Folkloric Music from Bonaire.

On October the 27th 1958 a musical group was founded. It was called ‘Tipiko Gracioso’ which name after a short period was changed into ‘Tipiko Bonairiano’. The group participated in various tourism promotions where with proud presented rich folkloric Bonairian songs. Time flies, indeed, 35 years is no joke! With the folkloric CD ‘Selebrando!’ the group celebrated the years of existence and has accomplished the fifth recording of Bonairian folklore music.
Keep always a positive mind and …. let’s Celebrate!



Bed of roses with spines


In the preface of my book Musika Maestro wrote the lieutenant governor of Bonaire, Master in law mister Richard hart that the showbiz life is not always a bed of roses. He wished me every success with the book.

Although I knew it, now I have to say indeed it is absolutely not a bed of roses. Even in the smallest corner can happen unexpected activities like this one.

In december 2011 I have release the cd-album Kunuku. It was in Christmas days so I was also busy with ordering some snacks. A person should bring my order. But would stay a surprise who the person was. And I was curious. A couple of days later got a phone call. My order has arrived and I could pick it up in the neighborhood. I went to that house and the person was someone I knew in Curaçao but have not seen for many many years. He was a cameraman of the television station on the island. He told me he was making television programs for online streaming and I told him about my new released album. Well, he said in no time he can sell a couple of the cd. I gave him a couple. Later he asked for a dvd with one of my live performances for a television program. I could use it for one of his programs. So far so good. But months going by without hearing something of this guy. I started to make telephone calls and e-mails without results. I went to that house by walk, by car and by bike but no one at home. It is by now June 3th, 2013, one and a half year ago. Maybe a miracle will happen. But that hope was stored away in a lit. That action seems to me a presentation of arrogance, disrespect and abuse. In this case is it a bed of roses with spines! But after this publication I got my things back. Too bad it had to go in a such way.

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Christmas Market


Christmas Market

In december 2013, the OCaN (Consultative Body for the people of the Durch Caribbean) organized a well-visited Christmas market in the Caribbean spheres in Amsterdam. Far from home but still the warmth of Christmas on the Islands. On the photo: The President of OCaN sings a duetje with William Anthony.