The artistic versatility of William Anthony

He was born on Bonaire. He visited almost every room from where music was created. He did his first experiences with the singing with the bouscouting named St. Michael.

In the early 1970’s he made his debut with the band T.N.T. Power in Theater Orange on Bonaire. A second debut took place on Curaçao in 1974 where he has taken part in the Festival in Broadway nightclub Voz di Oro Korsou. The Antillian morning-newspaper announced him in 1977 as the most promising Antillean artist. From the hands of Mr Frank Rozendal, former alderman of culture on Curaçao, he got his first award in 1977.

He is winner of several local and regional singing competitions, as the Festival Voz y Cancion Korsou 1983 or took a high place in during the final of talent-scouting competitions, such as the Festival Internacional de la Canción y de la Voz de Puerto Rico.

In 1978 revealed the artistic versatility of William Anthony, when he played the role of Marco in the television series “Duel In De Diepte”.

In Netherlands he performed on several occasions, in addition to his regular job, and appearing on television; featuring in “goede tijden, slechte tijden”, as a police agent in “Prettig Gregeld”, an advertising photo, appearing in a commercial film and performing on a square in the middle of the city to a party in a private setting.
In 1992 he produced his first single “A helping hand”, followed in 1998 with the single “Music from Bonaire”, featuring traditional songs of the Netherlands Antilles. He has a number of CD productions after that on his name.

His writing talent, he has shown with the book Musika Maestro, published in the year 2002.

William Anthony has particular attention to songs written in Papiamento by leading Antillean composers of years past. Songs that until now were unknown and never been recorded and songs that have fallen into oblivion. They are now modified with fresh sound.

To mention some unknown or forgotten Antillean songs which were released: Sobre Las Alas Del Viento (Corsen) music sheet comes from the book “Poesias de Corsen” CD Album Esta Dushi (2010), Bon Aña (J. Palm) CD Album Tesoro (2009), Riba Awa (v.d. Pavert/Palm) both from the songbook Nos Ta Canta, CD single Nos Ta Canta (2007), Schoon Is De West and Snijderslied – CD single Music from Bonaire (1998) and he restored the composition Esta Dushi of Pedro Pablo Medardo de Marchena on the eponymous CD Album.
Recovery of the almost lost harvest song “Mi Deseo” on the CD album Kunuku (2011), which has been supported by the Prins Bernhard cultuurfonds Netherlandse Antillen and Aruba.

In the television program Het Beste Idee Van Nederland he presented in 2006 his idea of a mailbox security valve on Veronica (ISBN 978-90-77032-84-8).


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