William Anthony (Julino Willem Anthony born February 23, 1956). When he was member of the Boy Scout Sint Michael he used to sing and tell stories around the campfire. At the age of 15 he was challenged by his fellow students from the Lower Technical School to act once as a guest star with a school band. He entered that challenge. Short thereafter he was asked by his uncle Tavio Sint Jago to join the church choir Santa Cecilia of the Roman Catholic Church in the village Rincon. In the same period a band was formed in the village with the name “The T.N.T. Power”. William was one of the singers. His debut on Bonaire was short. He had successfully completed his third year technical training and moved to Curaçao for follow-up study. There he did not remain inconspicuous. He was asked to join the church choir of the Cathedral of Pietermaai, directed by the schoolteacher Franklin “Frank” Francisca. It was a new debut full of surprises. In the meanwhile was William in training at the business school of the Dutch oil multinational Shell on Curaçao. Again the fellow students encouraged him to take part in a song contest which was going to be held; Festival Voz di Oro Korsou 1974. He did it again. And he also participated with the song festival of Shell Workers Recreation Centrum. Gradually, he came into contact with different promoters of local talents on Curaçao. Oswin “Chin” Behilia, Stanley Cratz and Eddie Heyliger are just a few. He has appeared often on in different venues such as Havana Night Club and Bunnies Club in hotel Country Inn where he got a huge “push” by Humberto Nivi and Norwien “Nochi” Willems. His performance in the revue of August 1981 El Toro & co. in the Cave the Neptune of the Curacao Plaza Hotel & Casino has drawn particular attention from the media. Also in surrounding countries in South America and the Caribbean were his performances experienced as pleasant. In his book Musika Maestro he tells about his brilliant artistic experiences.


Although William Anthony has made a lot of studio recordings it never came to the release of an LP or 45 single. But the change came later. In 1986 he moved to the Netherlands came into contact with Oscar Harris. He gave William copies of some backing tracks for the rehearsal and a cd-recording. With the support of Jan de Jonge, a prominent political leader in Amsterdam, the cd production has been financed. The release was in October 1992 with the title “A helping hand” and was intended as support realization of playing facilities for children in the Bijlmer, one of the deprived areas of Amsterdam. The presentation is announced with great fanfare but in a few days earlier, a plane crashed down on apartment buildings in the district. There were many deaths. All the attention went to the accident and overshadowed the action with “A helping hand”. It took some years before a new idea has emerged for the release of a cd. In 1993 sparked the then Amsterdam police chief Eric Nordholt the discussion about life-threatening Antillean criminals dumped in the Netherlands by the Netherlands Antillean authorities. Within the Netherlands-Antilles Friends Society, where he was a member of, the idea arose to emphasize the cultural relationship between Netherlands and Netherlands Antilles with some well known songs. It became the second cd-single released in 1998; Music from Bonaire.

Year Titel Label  
1992 A Helping Hand Rincon CD-single
1998 Music from Bonaire * Rincon CD-single
2007 Nos Ta Canta Rincon CD-single
2009 Tesoro Rincon Album
2010 Esta Dushi (Bula Waya) Rincon Album
2011 Kunuku ** Rincon Album
2012 Grandi Grandi Grandi Rincon CD-single
2013 Amsterdam and I Rincon 2 tracks download
2013 De Hollandse Galjoen Rincon 3 tracks download
2013 Farewell Rincon 1 track download
2014 Raspadó Rincon 2 tracks download

*   Made possible by the generous support of the business center on Bonaire

** Made possible by the Prins Bernhard cultuurfonds Netherlands Antilles and Aruba

Dutch television

In 1978 makes Netherlands knowledge with Willem Anthony playing Feliciano’s henchman Marco in the series Duel in de diepte. Later, he returns as an extra in Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden and, as a policeman, in Prettig Geregeld.

In 2006 he presents his idea for a mail box security flap in the Best Idea of The Netherlands.
Of more recent date are a act as points of contact officer in the Klokkenhuis (2012) and in the role of the father of Willy Wartaal in Zapp Echt Gebeurd (2013).


William Anthony garnered numerous awards. A few are:

Year Organization Award
1977 Festival di Canto Shell Werknemers Recreatiecentrum Winner
1981 Songfestival radio Korsou FM Winner
1983  Asosashon di Musiko di Corsow, Willemstad, Curaçao Winner Festival Voz y canción Korsou
1984 Promocion Cultura Arubano Oranjestad, Aruba Certificado di Merito         Festival OTI Antillas
Festival Internacional de la Canción y de la Voz de Puerto Rico Huesped Distinguido de Puerto Rico
The Barrett Youth Movement Of the Barrett Memorial Methodist church, Willemstad, Curaçao Certificate of Appreciation
Primer Festival Internacional de la Canción de Caracas El Leon de Oro


William Anthony has published a couple of books


  • Musika Maestro: a global history of the music on Bonaire, and the personal experiences as a singer.


  • Sobrá (= leftover, contains some poems, remnants and other shreds of my artistic activities)
  • Hoezo Discriminatie? (He tells about his experience and how he dealt with the culture shock when moved to the Netherlands.)
  • Second edition Musika Maestro


  •  Chicken Tonight
  • Leeuwarder Courant
  • Maggie
  • KLM Fly the difference
  • Immigratie en Naturalisatiedienst (IND)