It’s not always BINGO!!!

Recently, the singer William Anthony asked for the required authorization to reproduce and distribute copies or phonorecords of “Mi t’ei … m’a bisa”.
A translation of the original song “I am… I said” composed by the American singer-songwriter Neil Diamond. It’s about the confusion, deception and sadness that a person can feel and at the same time that feeling of rebellion because of an unwanted reality. Feelings of doubt and insecurity which are very difficult to describe when thinking about going back to the native island but discovered that it has been changed and there’s no making a way back.

On the request of Universal Music Publishing Group, the Publisher of Neil Diamond, the preparation has been done for the clearance request. The final version of “Mi t’ei… m’a bisa” was recorded. Neil Diamond in spite did not give the authorization. The Publisher argued: “I have asked for a specific reason but understand by my colleague that Neil Diamond almost never approves adaptations”. It’s a very disappointing and bad news. But everything has a reason. An article in The Daily Telegraph Telegraph simply referred to the song’s “raging existential angst”.    Apparently Neil Diamond is so emotionally attached to his song which can be considered as an impassioned statement of emotional turmoil. No doubt that this raging existential anxiety of Neil Diamond is also strongly present in “Mi t’ei… m’a bisa”. This may be a reason for him to protect his psyche in the song. Some must have respect for his decision because it is his right as the creator of the original version. For the time being “Mi t’ei… m’a bisa” will not be available to the public.

Mi t'ei ... m'a bisaa