Grupo Piedra Di Bonaire


Foundation Preservation Klein Bonaire ( is a group of residents of Bonaire, from various walks of life, interested in ensuring that Klein Bonaire remains unspoiled by development.

In the opinion of all familiar with the fragile ecology of it’s enviroment and experts who have studied the situation, development of Klein Bonaire would destroy sea turtle nesting grounds, eliminate sea birds breeding areas and cause underwater landslides. These changes could destroy life on the surrounding reef.

Through public awareness and raising money the Foundation hopes to prevent future development on Klein Bonaire.

Supported by Knap Fonds Nederlandse Antillen produced the Foundation in august 1997 the CD “Ban Kuid’e” with Grupo Piedra di Bonaire. Ten songs with a variation of rhythm from Barí till Calypso. The group disbanded many years ago but the songs are still alive.

The funds are now managed by Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) since one of their on-going projects is monitoring and protecting the turtles (and environment) of Klein Bonaire.

When Klein Bonaire was bought back for the people of Bonaire (end of 1999), there was an agreement that nothing could ever be built there – it must remain unspoiled.

“Ban Kuid’e” is available through the various download portals on the Internet.


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