KUNUKU, the cd album of William Anthony. © 2011

The title refers to the song Dios Y Ami Na Playa Grandi; an adaptation of the song Deus E Eu No Sertão, written by the Brazilian Victor Chaves.

The music of those unforgettable songs, written by leading Antillian composers in the 1960s, is a mix of electronic and acoustic instruments. To mention the lively guitar play in the adventurous Piskadó composed by Rudy Plaate and the beautiful orchestration in Ansiedad of José Enrique “Chelique” Sarabia, simulating a dynamic Philharmonic Orchestra.

On the CD are two Simadan songs of Bonaire; Remailo and Mi Deseo. One of the best-known songs sung in the KUNUKU is Mi Deseo. It was forgotten and nearly lost, but now is modified and made accessible. In the track Remailo we can hear the very creative sample of the vocals of the choir Kanta Orchidia from Bonaire also the juicy rhythms of a number of traditional instruments and plain hand-clapping.

Hits from the ‘ 60s, such as the fabulous wals Pa Semper Uni of Rafael Gravenhorst, the sentimental bolero Fo’i Dia M’a Mirabo of Padú del Caribe and the pleasant holadijee holadio Curaçao polka Bam Bam sound cheerful on the album. In short, your special attention for songs that are not allowed to be forgotten.

The CD production Kunuku is made possible by the Prins Bernhard cultuurfonds Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.

William Anthony has previously released a number of Antillian unknown or forgotten songs: Sobre Las Alas Del Viento – Corsen (sheet music from the book “Poesias” the Corsen) on CD Album Esta Dushi (2010), Bon Aña (J. Palm) CD Album Tesoro (2009), Riba Awa (v.d. Pavert/Palm) CD single Nos Ta Canta (2007) both from the song book Nos Ta Canta, Schoon is de West and Snijderlied – CD single Music from Bonaire (1998), restored the composition Esta Dushi of Pedro Pablo Medardo de Marchena on the eponymous CD Album (2010) and many more.

The mp3 files are for download in iTunes Store, AmzonMP3 (United States) and the various download portals worldwide.




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