Sobre Las Alas Del Viento


Sobre Las Alas Del Viento is written by: Joseph Sickman Corsen, a native of Curaçao, lived from 1853 to 1911. Although he wrote most of his poetry in Spanish, he is remembered as the poet who established Papiamentu as a language in which poetry could be written. Searching for forgotten and unknown songs writing by Antillean composors I’d found the with hand written musicsheet of this song in his book (poesias de J.S. Corsen -1914) in the national Archive of Curaçao. It took a while to decode the copy of a copy. I have recorded the Spanish version although he also has written a French version thereof named “Sur l’aile du vent voilage”. Joseph Sickman Corsen maintained, along with a companion, a close friendship with a Dominican brother who helped him with the translation of his lyrics. Pierre Lauffer speaks about them as the ‘trio of Pietermaai’. 


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