The Second Chamber refused Papiamentu in Dutch constitution.

The struggle for recognition.

Before October, 10th,  2010 formed Bonaire together with the other islands the country Netherlands Antilles. This is dismantled on that date. Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius, has been included in the Dutch Constitution without the self-determination referendum such as stipulated by the resolution of the United Nations. The Dutch Government found it undesirable to wait for the result of a referendum on Bonaire. Since that date, all kinds of changes on the island is going on.

Papiamento was in the former Netherlands Antilles an officially recognised language, but recently has the Second Chamber refused to recognise Papiamento in the Constitution as is the case with the Frisian and Dutch language. According to Fundashon Akademia Papiamentu, it is not acceptable that Bonaire is included in the Dutch Constitution but not the language. The foundation compare this with getting someone within the house, in the case of Bonaire it was pushing, but has no right to speak the own language. Papiamento was a language in an orthographic development and Fundashon Akademia Papiamentu pays attention to this. Therefore asks the foundation for help to show to the Netherlands that we carry our language on the chest. The foundation counts on the support of other foundations from Aruba, Fundacion Lanta Papiamentu, from Curaçao, Instituto Alsa Papiamentu and in the Netherlands, Fundashon Splika.
It is not just a language but our identity. (Source:

If Papiamentu is not recognised in the constitution as the Frisian language than Bonaire also does not belong in the Dutch Constitution. Logical right? Or not?


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