CD-single Grandi Grandi Grandi – William Anthony

CD-single Grandi Grandi Grandi – William Anthony

During some years William Anthony dedicated much acuity to traditional and folklore songs of the Dutch Antillean islands. The cd single Music from Bonaire that he produced in 1998 has been followed by various another productions. The last one was the cd-album Kunuku realised with the support of the Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds Nederlandse Antillen en Aruba.

There are also many songs which made a big imprenshon on the artist and he decided to translate some of them in Papiamentu. The title of cd-single of william anthony is refering to the song Grande Grande Grande. Originally an italian song interpreted by various artist international as Mina Manzini, Julio Iglesias, Shirley Bassey y Vicky Carr. The romantic ballad Nos Ta Uno is originally a composition of Armando Manzanero with the title Somos Novios.

Bye Bye Mairi is dedicated to the wreck of Mairi Bahn. Known as “windjammer”, Bonaire’s ghost wreck, Bonny Mary and Deep Schooner. In her time she was one of the most beautiful ships build in the year 1874. In the year 1912 sailing with a cargo of asphalt from Trinidad to Marseille sank the ship off the south coast of Bonaire. A very like site for experienced divers with admiration for the leftover.

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